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Ragdoll & Ted’s Adventure Through Rhyme Time combines a narrative story with multiple interactive elements. Ragdoll & Ted fully involve the audience, who they welcome at the beginning as new toys in the playroom. As they search for Ted’s missing winding key through Rhyme Time Land, they ask for the audience’s help; for everyone to make suggestions and join in the singing and dancing as part of the search. Ragdoll & Ted move through the middle and around the outside of the audience throughout the performance creating a truly engaging experience which will delight all ages. The youngest babies are mesmerised by the energetic characters, the colourful props and musicality and are able to join in rhymes with the aid of their adult. Older children are encouraged to shout out their responses, take part in the singing and dancing independently and volunteer to help save Ted at the end.

Ragdoll & Ted’s Adventure Through Rhyme Time is a wonderfully fun and inclusive experience for 0-5 year olds.

We can provide 3 to 5 30-minute performances a day depending on requirements and length of festival.

Contact us for booking enquiries and fees.

“We loved seeing Ragdoll and Ted at the 3ft festival. My 2 year old was engaged for the whole time and loved getting involved with familiar songs and the props. A lovely lively show, hope to see this show again soon!”
Louise Jenkins
“Excellent production at 3ft this year, my daughter loved the familiar nursery rhymes delivered in such an engaging and entertaining way. Looking forward to next year's show already!”
Rachel Andrews
“This was my 2 year old!s favourite show at the 3 ft festival! He was absolutely mesmerised during the performance and he spoke about the bear all the way home. The performers were very engaging and energetic and the story and nursery rhymes were enjoyed by all! Hope to see you at 3 foot again next year!”
Claire Horner
“My son and I saw Ragdoll and Ted at the 3 foot festival. My son absolutely loved them, following them around the tent sitting right up front! Both characters were thoroughly engaging. Wish they did classes! Looking forward to seeing more of their sketches. Thank you 😊”
Kelly Quinton
“It was by far the best thing George saw all day. It was the only tent that he did not try and escape from and being a nursery nurse myself, I loved singing along.”
Tracey White